Travel, culture and communication


Rebecca Fong is a lecturer in Intercultural Communication and TEFL at the University of the West of England. She grew up in an international family, studied modern languages at Oxford and Education at Bristol, spent many years living abroad most notably in Japan, and has done a Masters in International Photojournalism, Travel and Social Documentary Photography, with the Universities of Bolton, and Dalian in China.

Rebecca is passionate about all aspects of travel, culture and communication and is happiest roaming around unknown cities, camera in hand. Starting out in the field of travel photography, she is now more interested in photography with a social purpose. Rebecca uses visual methods to help students explore their own worlds and the worlds of “others”, and now employs social documentary photography and multimedia narratives to tell stories and give voice to those less visible in society, for example the elderly.

Rebecca can be commissioned for visual work in any area related to culture, travel, or communication and welcomes participation in projects with documentary or multimedia needs.


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